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Handmade Tub Tea Crafted in Calgary, Canada

refresh your body and mind

Relax and unwind in the bath


We use natural ingredients, dried flowers, and essential oils to create a perfect tub tea for all skin types. Pour yourself an unforgettable bath experience with our tub teas!

Pure Relaxation

Keep your chill and find a moment of peace while pampering your skin with our tub teas. We crafted this calming bath soak to help relieve dry, itchy skin and aching muscles, increasing your overall well-being.

Ease Stress Away

Tension can cause your body to become stiff, leading to aching muscles. Experience for yourself how our tub teas help relax your muscles while calming your mind.

Tub Teas

Bathing just got better

Our tub tea sachets are a simple blend of herbs, flowers and salts that will leave your skin clean, and your body relaxed. Close your eyes, sink into a soothing bath, inhale the aromatherapy scents, and allow time for total relaxation! Healing salts and soothing oils are blended with skin-moisturizing ingredients and heavenly scents to pamper your skin. We've thoughtfully packaged our tub teas in a disposable tea bag for minimal clean-up after unwinding.

Coastal Calm

A relaxing blend of colloidal oatmeal and Epsom salts.

Calming & Soothing

Experience a relaxing blend of colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts, cold-pressed olive oil, lavender buds, and essential oil. Besides its calming properties, Epsom salt brings therapeutic benefits to sore and tired muscles. Olive oil and oatmeal can help soothe irritated skin. One tub tea bag in your bath water for 20 minutes is all it takes to relax. (Previously Lavender & Oatmeal) ±128g | Tested on people not animals | Made in Canada


Citrus Grove

Tub tea of pink Himalayan salt.


The fresh scent of citrus essential oils helps reduce anxiety while your body absorbs 84 trace minerals found in pink Himalayan salt. Combined with rose petals and coconut oil, this is a perfect spa-like bath to rejuvenate. Place one tub tea bag in your bath water and soak for 20 minutes. (Previously Orange & Bergamot) ±128g | Tested on people not animals | Made in Canada


"We really love your soaps! We also like to share the LOVE as they make perfect gifts! We should let you know that our friends just got back to us to say how much they’ve enjoyed your Tub Tea bath!"

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Relax and unwind in the bath

Made with dried herbs and flowers and infused with pure essential oils, you'll find your bliss while soaking in this luxury product. Explore our unique scents to find your perfect bath time companion. Let go of the day and be refreshed for tomorrow!

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